1/14/2011 --
I dream of summer drizzles and a great life ahead;
I know, up in the clouds - is my head.

I dream of hugs and kisses, and entwined hands;
of shared little smiles and golden bands.

I dream of eternal life for my cherished ones -
a life full of bliss where the seconds seem like months.

I dream of life and how it has been -
of what it coulda, woulda or shoulda been.

I dream of just living a happy, simple life.
Of becoming a great daughter and a wonderful wife.

I used to dream of greatness and of fame.
Of the material things, and all the money I would tame.

But just now I had quite a bit of realization
I know, to some, it's just a normal revelation.

Everything has an end but dreams live on.
I say, it may seem like the sunset, but I'm still at my dawn.