Free Bra

The Free Bra prides itself on "giving women the freedom and confidence while wearing the barest of clothing."

Since I love wearing dresses, and bra-straps are a big no-no for me, I bought two Free Bras in for 250 Php each.

So, here's the Free Bra:
FreeBra Silicone Adhesive Bra - Nude

The instructions said to clean the skin first before wearing it, so I took a bath first then dried myself off really well. Applying it wasn't that much of a hassle, although finding the perfect position took me a while.
After putting my dress on, I noticed that it gave a fuller look to my bust, and that was nice!

I was really happy with it after the first hours but since I stayed out all day in UP, I started sweating. Free Bra and sweat doesn't mix well! After a while, it started falling off and I had to go to the bathroom several times to dry myself and the silicone cups. 

I'll try to wear the bra some other time, when I'm not too active. For now, I'm neither happy or disappointed with it.