Forward Thoughts!

1/21/2010 --

Heck. Can't I just skip this week and go straight to Monday? One midterm exam down.. Two more to go!Just Music Education Workshops and Deutsche left..
I really want to celebrate!

About Marvin.. It's one of my favorite cartoon strip, aside from Calvin and Hobbes, Mutts, Garfield and Pugad Baboy. I read Blondie and Beerkada from time to time. I've tried reading Kiko Machine, but it's just so, hm, say it just causes me a "nosebleed."

This Marvin strip I read a while ago at the Manila Bulletin is just so cute!

If you can't read it, here's what it says:
"My whole world was rocked to its core last night! I was listening to my mom and dad talking when it suddenly hit me... My parents don't have all the answers!!

Haha. Anyway, enough blogging. Time to get back to studying.
Emile Jaques-Dalcroze and Zoltan Kodaly... help me. :)

Ok, just one last tiny bit.. though this week is pretty dreary, I'm really looking forward on celebrating on Monday.. It's mine and Ralph's third year together. Looking forward to that kind of celebration is enough to uplift me this week.