An afternoon blog

I just saw the making of Avatar in either HBO or Cinemax, and I'm so stoked! My bun promised that we're gonna watch it at the Ultra7 Cinema in Eastwood. Yay for their purle reclining lazyboy loveseats!!!

Anyhow, I was so pre-occupied with reviewing my Mendelssohn Concerto that I forgot to eat lunch.. Well, I didn't feel hungry so I guess that's okay. I just plan to stay at home the whole day and just practice.
No going out.
No malls.
No movies.
No books.
Less web surfing.

Just me and my mal'ach.

*Mal'ach means Angel in Hebrew

I was also planning to clean up a bit, but since yesterday, I've been so teary-eyed and was also sneezing a lot, so I figured that inhaling dust wouldn't do me any good today..
Still, I was looking around the house, and it's very different when you have a toddler in the house..
We can't even put up a big Christmas tree and a Belen, not like last Christmas, when we had a lot of decors..
Well, Miggy will turn two(is the terrible-two's really true?) on Septemer, and hopefully, he's got enough, uhm.. consciousness(?) to not pull the decors..
Here in this lovely albeit blurred picture, you can see our Christmas decors last year..
Speaking of decors, I'm planning to make a thousand cranes.. I've already made a hundred before when Ralph got sick - I can't do a thousand back then.. Maybe I've already made a thousand in my life, since I've been making them since I was five. haha. I just love origami.
Aren't they pretty?
Now, I'm going to make a thousand, then I'll make a wish.
So now, I'm blogging again..
I'm not sure why, but I only wrote a few blogs for 2009.. Before that, I was a very active blogger. Right now I just feel so energized.
I realized that it's the 29th of December.. Two more days 'til 2010.
2010, please be good to us.
I've got a feeling that you're gonna be great!