I just wanna share an incident in which I am torn between laughter and the urge to just stare and drool.

My mom and I went to the restroom in SM a while ago, and there was this guy dressed in jeans, an overlarge shirt, and a cap walking behind me and followed us to the ladies' room. I was quite freaked out by this, and though I wanted to speak up, I just stared at him. As we were waiting in line, my mom approached the guy and told him, ''toy, pambabae itong C.R. na ito." To our astonishment, this guy removed his cap though I have no idea what he wanted to show since he has such a short hairstyle and smilingly said, "Babae po ako" in a soft and feminine voice. As 'she' entered the stall, everyone was just laughing silently and I, for one, were simply left staring, and empty-headed as I went about my bathroom business.

Geez. You can never tell this days whether someone's a real guy or a girl. Don't get me wrong because I am not a sexually discriminating person. I'm just wondering on how things work when certain circumstances happen. Like at the MRT, why is it that the i'm-a-real-tough-guy-tomboy-and-you'll-get-a-punch-in-the-face-if-you-call-me-a-lady suddenly admits to be classified as a woman so as she may be able to ride at the Women/Children/Elderly/Disabled part of the train?

I'm just confused...