4/1/2009 --

a voice is screaming inside of me.
screaming for things that ought to be.
some words unsaid and things not done,
some of the reasons why i can't move on.

as time pass by, some feelings I still hide
and the hurt grows deeper and darker inside.
minutes turn to hours and hours into days
so many things coming together in different ways.

hot fire and sharp thorns tear at my heart
burning, hurting, and tearing me apart.
at times I feel such rage and bitterness
for this life and the pains that seem so endless.

i lose the desire to live and to go on.
some hope and faith already left and gone.
all of what's left are quite lost,
because of some things of the past.

where are the friends who ought to be there?
where are the people who, I thought, will care?
where is the love, the joy, the bliss?
why are there only problems that never cease?

life, it seems, has left me alone and weak
so weak, that I cannot even speak
but are there really ears willing to listen,
so that this pain i feel will lessen.

all have different lives and things to tend to
different things to think about and things to do.
will there ever be anyone who'll care enough to ask
ask about the girl hiding inside the mask.

even with the tears inside,
facing the world with a big smile.
hiding the hurt and the pain all together.
the mask i wear is getting heavier.

how i wish for this misery to end.
i pray to God for some grace to send.
send me some angel in this lonely earth
for i am losing hope with all these hurt.