Dolly dear

5/9/2011 --
Dolly dear, with a smile so warm,
as it has been through all these years.
Though you already have lost an arm,
you, my doll, still shed no tears.

Your porcelain face and pale pink lips
are deeply admired by everyone around.
You smile as though you feel such bliss
and your face will never be marred by a frown.

Oh, my doll, you seem so content,
but what about the girl you are with now?
staring in silence with eyes burning in torment.
dear doll, is this the cause of your vow?

You pledged that no one else will smile,
for you are smiling though you feel no joy.
But now you're happy with your guile.
Now, the world just seems like your little toy.

So there you are right now, with one arm gone,
Punished for stealing the smiles of everyone around.
oh doll, you've become the devil's spawn
and you deserve to be buried 'neath the ground.

I forgot when I wrote this. I didn't realize that I haven't posted this one here.