Finding Equilibrium

3/25/2011 --

Moments like these make me wish for better camera skills. If only I can let people experience something through photographs..

I've been bugging Ralph to take me here since early 2010, and after a year, he finally gave in. He looked at the blog reviews I've been emailing[flooding ^_^] him, then decided to spend his 26th birthday here. On our first visit, everything went beyond our expectations, and I was an instant fan of this place and its owner, Jetro Rafael. Everything in Van Gogh is Bipolar is truly a wonderful experience. I really love all those little details in and around the place. If I just can, I'd go here everyday.

For our 50th month together, we went to have some tea here after playing for Jopi's recital. I was in an incredibly bad, sulky and angst-y mood. Since this place really calms me down, Ralph practically dragged me here. Right now I'm just so grateful that he can tell whenever I'm hanging on a single thread. I can go from sad to happy to depressed to childishly high to barring everyone from my life to seeking everyone I love to hating the whole world to hating this life to hating myself and to feeling just so sick of living to being all to emotional that a simple thing can make me cry - all in a week's span. But I've learned how to control myself, thankfully.

Preparing my own tea here is always the best part. Ever since our first visit here, I have just been using only one tea blend - the Happy Chill. And I just love that I get to pick my own teapot. After the tea and half-an-hour of more sulking, we went inside, and I'm finally "myself" again. What I really love here is that everywhere I go, I feel comforted and secured. And the warmth of the people here are one heck of a great thing. Around 11:30, I was finally feeling happy again, and it's such a regret that I only got to take pictures at this point. Our past few visits here, I didn't want to take pictures since I was just relishing the feel of the place. But yeah, I'll come back again for sure, in whatever mood I'm in since this place never fails to get a happy feeling out of me. Anyone wanna come?