9/10/2005 --
Remembering the time when i first saw you
never fails to bring my heart in a flurry of happiness
- and a deliver a smile on my face too.
Oh, such feeling of delight and gladness!
Alive - It's what I feel whenever it's you i see
and I just can't help but try to get close to you
'cause being with you brings so much happiness to me.
Is it too much to hope that you feel the same way too?
Life without you would seem dull and gray
and so, my lonely heart will keep on seeking
for the one who makes my life happy and gay
- and can make my life so fulfilling.
Praying to God that you're someone for me.
Asking for guidance if what i'm feeling is good
- and if God means it to be.
For, if it's not His will, this love i shall elude.
Hoping and imploring, my soul is feeling
love and happiness, but fear and apprehension too.
Afraid of pain, my soul is asking:
'Why am i feeling this? Why do i love you?'