Belle de Jour 2011 Power Planner

10/27/2010 --

I just got back from the BDJ 2011 Fair!
Well, I just stayed there for about ten minutes[in line], got my planner, then left since Ralph's gout was quite unbearable already.

2011's BDJ is available in two kinds of binding: spiral-bound and book bound. I would have loved to get the book bound one, but I wasn't happy with how the pages looked. There was a wide gap between the two pages, which I know, was meant for the spiral binding. I just hope that next time, they'll adjust the layout for book bound type.

Another feature of BDJ 2011 is its Lifestyle Card. "It is a discount card that you can use more than once! This BDJ Lifestyle Card will also serve as your membership card to gain access to all BDJ events throughout 2011. Plus, 24 of our lifestyle brand partners have generously offered recurring discounts and promotions to help you live out your “it girl" lifestyle!"

So far, I'm so stoked for 2011 just so I can use my planner. Haha!

Belle de Jour Power Planner Website: