De-stressing, and a Festive Feeling

Today has been a great day. Thank you, Lord! I'm praising the heavens right now for this day. First off, we just stayed at home to watch the first game of the NBA finals: Lakers VS Celtics. And Lakers won! After that, we went to the University to finish my registration. Two classes in the History department opened some slots for Prerog, and I got it! I got six units of classes from that department. I also found an opening in Thai 10 in the Linguistics department, and so I got nine units today! Add that to my previous six units of Archaeology and major, and I've got.. drumroll please........ 15 units! Yay! I'm alive this semester!!! Thank you, thank you!
Rustan's Luena Ballet flats from Baby Phat - P3350

Right now, I'm just winding off at a Mrs. Field's Cafe in front of my 'nee's rehearsal venue, eating my favorite Choco Lover's Cookie, a small bag of Ruffles, and Cookies n' Cream Shake. Hmm.. I can almost hear Fred Astaire crooning Cheek to Cheek...

Heaven,  I'm in heaven
and my heart beats so
  that I can hardly speak 
 and I seem to find
 that happiness I seek..